Kubuntu a dist in crisis?

Derek Broughton derek at pointerstop.ca
Tue Oct 27 23:29:53 GMT 2009

Steve Lamb wrote:

> Chris Jones wrote:
>>> This may not be an issue in today's mega-ram, multicore systems, but
>>> what are
>>> the differences in resource usages between different languages?
>> Interpreted languages like Python etc. will always be less efficient
>> than compiled code. Yes, crappy C/C++ can be slower than well written
>> Python, but if both are well written, C/C++ will always win.
>     But that isn't the point.  He's right, in today's mega-ram, multicore
> systems there is little to no perceptible difference between compiled and
> interpreted.  However, the difference in *developer time* is wildly
> different.

Bah.  I do almost all of my work in Python these days, but I can't honestly 
say development time is any different for C or Python.

>  If developers want more people to participate in development then they
>  should fit the language to the sphere in which they are developing.

That's silly.  The language is whatever seemed best to the person who 
initiated the project.  

>     That is why I said at the onset that these languages are perfectly
>     suited
> for /applications/ and specifically stated that C/C++ idles no faster than
> an
> interpreted language.  Give up less than a factor on run time and/or size
> to gain more than several magnitudes of individual developer time as well
> as developers?  Yes please!

Really, you aren't going to get any more developers just because you use 
Python.  Give me a decent programmer who knows more than two languages (at 
least one procedural, and one OO), and I will happily put him to work on a 
project in a language he's never seen before.  Languages are almost 
unimportant - attitude and methodology is everything.

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