Kubuntu a dist in crisis?

Clay Weber claydoh at midmaine.com
Tue Oct 27 22:03:40 GMT 2009

On Tuesday 27 October 2009 04:39:08 pm O. Sinclair wrote:
> Clay Weber wrote:
> > On Tuesday 27 October 2009 10:06:45 am O. Sinclair wrote:
> >> Dotan Cohen wrote:
> >>>> A really ugly issue with Kubuntu/Kde is the Network Manager. At 
> >>>> with the latest iso's that I've tried.
> >>>
> >>> This is probably the most critical bug in KDE 4 at the moment. I think
> >>> it is fixed in Trunk and patched in Karmic.
> >>
> >> Karmic uses the NM-applet. I am yet to figure out if this is
> >> networkmanager-kde or not, it is a bit cryptical. It works but is very
> >> basic in such as that it does not recognize the type of encryption on
> >> wireless, as I understand it (can not test as I dont have) 3G mobile
> >> does not work etc.
> >
> > karmic uses plasma-widget-networkmanagement, not the gnome nm-
> > I am using it right now to connect to my  password-protected, wpa2-
> > encrypted wireless connection. Which is a significant improvement. But it
> > still won't connect for me if the essid is hidden.
> You are right and I am wrong, my bad assumption. However - if I connect
> to a wpa or whatever encrypted network I have to tell/know the
> encryption used. Which normally is not a problem for me but for "the
> what is encryption, just tell me the password"-user certainly it is.

Does wicd need this information as well? I can't remember, it's been a 
while since I have needed to use it.


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