Can pulseaudio be gotten rid of?? Karmic...

Dotan Cohen dotancohen at
Mon Oct 26 09:12:24 UTC 2009

> Heh, I remember the days when you, Gene and I both haunted the Fedora
> list and BEGGED them to just slow down a touch to let us just enjoy
> using our systems for useful things, but I finally got it through my
> thick skull that they were driven by forces larger than me, as a user.
> It was like getting a divorce to swing over to the .deb side. They just
> wouldn't listen. I think, from what I've read, that Mark doesn't want us
> to leave in disgust, suffering from broken systems with broken
> alpha/beta software and telling the world about it. This is not his
> dream. Not at all.

I'm no journalist, but if we can come up with a few relevant questions
I'll ask for an online interview:

Questions such as:
1) Is Ubuntu a distro for testing new technologies (as in Fedora) or a
stable distro for end users (as in Debian Stable)?
2) How is the balance between beta technologies and stable technologies decided?
3) Do the Ubuntu spinoffs (Kubuntu, Xubuntu, Edubuntu) share the same
4) if (q1.answer==stable): Then why are technologies such as Pulse
Audio, ***, and *** included in [k|x|ed]Ubuntu releases?
4) if (q1.answer==!stable): Do you not find a contradiction between
this and Ubuntu's stated goal of overthrowing the currently leading
desktop OS? Isn't a stable system that works out of the box a
mandatory requirement for a desktop OS intended for mainstream
non-technical users?

What other questions should we ask on the subject?


Dotan Cohen

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