Can pulseaudio be gotten rid of?? Karmic...

Neil Winchurst barnaby at
Mon Oct 26 08:44:22 UTC 2009

Dotan Cohen wrote:
>> Envy-NG used to install my nVidia drivers so flawlessly that I used to
>> rib my Fedora buddies about how they were stuck in the dark-ages. I
>> ain't laughing at them any more either. I ain't a Newbie, I used to work
>> for Bob Young at Red Hat, and I've been to a county fair. I had Linux
>> installed before there was a Red Hat, from a stack of floppy disks. I do
>> not want to see Kubuntu become another Fedora, where broken stuff is
>> passed on to the users to beta-test. That is NOT Mark Shuttleworth's
>> "Big Dream", from what I have read. I'm spending what should be an
>> otherwise productive Sunday chasing down a fix for what worked last
>> week. THAT is too much like Fedora, IMHO, which is why I installed
>> Kubuntu. There really needs to be a way to make Pulseaudio an extra, not
>> a system-wide depend. <pants> Ric
> Oh, how I agree with this! Was-working-yesterday issues pushed me from
> Fedora to Kubuntu as well. Looks like it will be Debian next, or maybe
> even Arch if I get the nerve.
Or even Mint Linux perhaps.


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