Kubuntu a dist in crisis?

Gene Heskett gene.heskett at verizon.net
Sat Oct 24 14:53:54 UTC 2009

On Saturday 24 October 2009, O. Sinclair wrote:
>Read - do you agree? To some extent I do, at least on bugs not being
>attended to even if they are serious.
>And no, am not a coder so can not do much to assist there. And yes,
>still with Kubuntu and doing what I can to spread it.
I certainly can't deny this, and deplore the current state of kubuntu.
OTOH, I just recently installed 8.04 LTS because that is what the realtime 
part of an emc install needs, emc being Electronic Machine Control, the free 
version of the rs-274 language developed by NIST 2 decades ago.  With some 
nice gui's wrapped around it, it is a very good CNC program. I run a small 
milling machine with it.

This 8.04 LTS install of course came with gnome, and TBT, the gnome folks 
have been listening to their users a lot closer than the KDE people have, and 
I could use that interface happily if KDE were to just go away.  The only 
thing I'd miss in kmail, and even that has been in need of wart remover for a 
long time.

Cheers, Gene
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