Kubuntu a dist in crisis?

Billie Erin Walsh bilwalsh at swbell.net
Sat Oct 24 13:57:40 UTC 2009

O. Sinclair wrote:
> http://www.itnewstoday.com/?p=1032
> Read - do you agree? To some extent I do, at least on bugs not being 
> attended to even if they are serious.
> And no, am not a coder so can not do much to assist there. And yes, 
> still with Kubuntu and doing what I can to spread it.
> Sinclair

I can agree with everyone else in that it's a KDE problem much more than 
a Kubuntu problem. Maybe some folks just can't separate the two.

As I have said many times before. I am _not_ a power user. I'm an 
average home computer user. I never tried 8.04 with KDE 4, 8.10/4.x was 
a PITA until a KDE upgrade. Since then KUbuntu/KDE has just simply 
worked for me. No wireless issues, although I will admit that it does 
get a bit cranky once in a while. Don't use Kmail so no issues with 
that. I'm a happy camper. Looking forward to 9.10.

A couple weeks ago for some unknown reason my 8.04 install started to 
boot up again [ boot failed for months and I never got around to trying 
to fix it ]. I played around for a little bit. After using KDE 4.x for a 
year KDE 3.x was kind of .............. "clunky" somehow. I almost wish 
it hadn't started booting again. I had such  fond memories.................

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