Scanning app 'vuescan' for Linux - has anyone installed/used it?

Kaj Haulrich kaj at
Wed Oct 14 18:40:08 UTC 2009

On Wednesday 14 October 2009 16:40:01 john d. herron wrote:
<snipped first part of the original question>
> Attempting to launch 'vuescan' from a "run command" box yields...
>  nothing.

No, this is a KDE-only launcher - it runs KDE applications, not 
'alien' applications like Vuescan.

> Trying to run it from the bash console ($
>  /home/john/VueScan/vuescan) yields an "unknown command" message.

Now, you're getting closer. But the file 'vuescan' must be 
executable. This means that if you look at the file in i.e. Dolphin 
you should see something like:
*vuescan 4,4 MiB  24/8-2009 11.25  -rwxr-xr-x root  root  excutable*
where x means that root, you and others can run the file.
If it isn't, then go to a terminal (konsole) , cd Vuescan and type:
*sudo chmod  a+x vuescan*  (let them all have x-rights).
If you're still in that directory, you can verify by typing:
*ls -al*  (list all files with attributes showing).
If everything is right (the x bit is set), then:
*./vuescan* (the ./ means the current directory).

Now, if Vuescan comes up and runs, of course you'll need an easier 
way of launching the program. You could use the menu editor (right-
click on the K icon down left) and fill out the boxes. Or you could 
create a link (shortcut) to vuescan by right-clicking somewhere in 
your desktop folder and select *create new link to application*

> I'm not really an expert user and obviously doing something
>  woefully wrong. Could/would you perhaps help me out?

I'm no expert either, but when you think about it the logic behind 
the whole rigmarole is beautiful. That's one of the reasons linux 
doesn't run viruses. Just imagine Ed Hamrick was an evil person 
(which he definitely isn't) and tricked you into something. Well, he 
can't, because YOU will decide if Vuescan is allowed to run.
> Kay, do you think there might be any purpose to moving the
>  VueScan folder from /home/john to /opt?

Absolutely not. I just keep it in /opt (which on my system has its 
own partition) together with things like Google Chrome, Opera, 
Picasa and such non-Kubuntu stuff in order to avoid re-installing 
when upgrading to the next Kubuntu version. Just like I keep /home 
on its own partition. You're perfectly able to run it from anywhere, 
but on a multi-user box I would put Vuescan somewhere outside the 
individual users accounts, for example /Vuescan.
> I really do appreciate your help, guys.
> john

That's just the general idea with this list.  :-)

Kaj Haulrich.
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