Scanning app 'vuescan' for Linux - has anyone installed/used it?

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Wed Oct 14 16:06:53 UTC 2009

On Wed, Oct 14, 2009 at 10:40 AM, john d. herron
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>  john at john-desktop:~$ ls VueScan
> lan_ar.txt  lan_et.txt  lan_it.txt  lan_pt.txt  lan_tl.txt  vuescan  *(this
> file features an 'application' icon)*
> lan_bg.txt  lan_fi.txt  lan_ja.txt  lan_ro.txt  lan_tr.txt  vuescan.bmp
> lan_ca.txt  lan_fr.txt  lan_ko.txt  lan_ru.txt  lan_tw.txt  vuescan.dat
> lan_cs.txt  lan_gl.txt  lan_lt.txt  lan_sk.txt  lan_uk.txt  vuescan.htm
> lan_da.txt  lan_he.txt  lan_lv.txt  lan_sl.txt  lan_vi.txt
> lan_de.txt  lan_hi.txt  lan_nl.txt  lan_sr.txt  lan_zh.txt
> lan_el.txt  lan_hr.txt  lan_no.txt  lan_sv.txt  ocr_de.bin
> lan_en.txt  lan_hu.txt  lan_pb.txt  lan_ta.txt  ocr_en.bin
> lan_es.txt  lan_id.txt  lan_pl.txt  lan_th.txt  ocr_fr.bin

OK, here is what I would do, just from experience.  Not because it is
obvious or anything.

1.  chmod a+x vuescan *.bin

[vuescan obviously needs to be run as an application.  The .bin on the other
files is an indication that they will need to be executed, too.  And
typically, the files in a tarball need to be adjusted like this after
unpacking them.

2.  Start checking from the console, using "./vuescan" or

[Linux won't have /home/john/VueScan folder as a place it normally looks to
run things from.]

3.  Try  running it in the GUI by typing in:  /home/john/VueScan/vuescan

4.  Create a shortcut, or edit your menu, and add VueScan to the menu.

John DeCarlo, My Views Are My Own
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