automounting a USB hard drive

Mark Traceur marktraceur at
Tue Nov 10 17:05:13 GMT 2009

I'll just point out my noobishness here, I guess.

In the past, when dealing with external/media drives, I've been able
to just have "/dev/sdb1 /media/Media ext3 defaults 0 0", instead of
all the fancy stuff you have...maybe that could work? Be sure to back
up your fstab, though.


On Tue, Nov 10, 2009 at 7:21 AM, Alvin <info at> wrote:
> On Tuesday 10 November 2009 15:55:41 pkaplan1 at wrote:
>> Running karmic kde, fresh install, fully updated (w/ udev 147~.6.1)
>> I have an external usb hard drive with one ntfs and four ext3 partitions.
>> Under both Jaunty and Karmic, the drive is found at /dev/sdb1 to
>> /dev/sdb5. Under Jaunty the all the partitions automounted at launch with
>> the following /etc/fstab entries:
>> UUID=5af75fba-045b-41c1-ae54-f7c5bc133694 /media/jupiter ext3 relatime 0 2
>> UUID=27655aac-f0fc-40df-9ba1-8412d584b5c5 /media/mars ext3 relatime 0 2
>> UUID=08c89a6f-7c9c-4f59-b26d-e43921450ad9 /media/mercury ext3 relatime 0 2
>> UUID=a21074d2-7e57-4676-aeda-c80b560d9c68 /media/saturn ext3 relatime 0 2
>> UUID=1968-2E97 /media/venus vfat utf8,umask=007,gid=46 0 1
>> UUID=B4BCCC8FBCCC4E14 /windows ntfs defaults,nls=utf8,umask=007,gid=46 0 1
>> However, under Karmic, I have to manually issue sudo mount -a to get the
>> partitions to mount; they won't automount at boot.
>> How can i get them to automount?
>> Paul
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> There is nothing wrong with your fstab entries.
> It could be a bug. I found this one (jaunty):
> On the other hand, all twelve of my karmic installations show boot problems
> too. Mounting after the boot process always works. I see two symtoms:
> - root drive can sometimes not be found (rebooting a few times helps)
> - NFS drives are not mounted during boot. (mount -a afterwards is OK)
> - Booting from USB stick will use the wrong /dev/sdX and has to be manually
> altered in grub. (I hear that installing on USB stick is unsupported, so this
> one does not really count.)
> I hear people complaining about logical volumes coming up a while after
> booting, but I have not experienced this myself. All those problems might be
> related.
> (Karmic sure boots faster, but not really reliable)
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