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Clay Weber claydoh at midmaine.com
Sat May 23 21:18:05 UTC 2009

On Saturday 23 May 2009 4:46:48 pm Ric Moore wrote:

> Clay, having been a member of one Linux Distro User List or another for
> well over ten years or so, the consensus through all of them is that a
> little OT is actually good for a list. Otherwise, we're inhuman question
> answering machines. Let me know if this objectification is a goal for
> this list or it's users. In the past those who do not wish to join in a
> little off-topic banter, need only filter out <OT>.

Marking a fresh topic OT is perfectly fine. The problem is that there is more 
than a little OT in here, at least in terms of the way threads progress. They 
get so long and sometimes so convoluted and far from the original topic. 
Filtering becomes useless at this point.

> About threads, in the Caldera User List we used <TID> or "Thread Is
> Deteriorating" as opposed to Hijacked. Again, easy enough to filter for.
> And those of us that enjoyed "socializing", we formed relationships and
> appreciated gaining another friend in our lives. The "Hot Sauce Eating
> Contest" that I held at the RedHat Linux Expo in 2000 came from such OT
> banter. I held forth that there was a correlation between Arch-Geekness
> and tolerance for Hot Sauce. Mad Dog Hall won, hands down.
> True well adjusted Humans are social animals. So, having the expectation
> that we spout answers on demand, then to shut up, sounds kinda
> de-humanizing. Eh?  I'd un-subscribe over that, as I would not care to
> be objectified so.

Thats is far from my point, or anyone's desires. This whole list is basically 
a *very* small number of posters and threads that go on and on and on, 
ending up somewhere completely somewhere else. I believe this is why we 
have more people unsubbing. They aren't seeing something useful to them. 
They don't ask questions , nor do they offer answers. Or even OT banter.

> Seals do not bark for no fish. Ric
Clay Weber

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