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Ric Moore wayward4now at gmail.com
Sat May 23 20:46:48 UTC 2009

On Sat, 2009-05-23 at 15:06 -0400, Clay Weber wrote:
> On Saturday 23 May 2009 1:07:55 pm Ric Moore wrote:
> > On Sat, 2009-05-23 at 17:46 +0200, Myriam Schweingruber wrote:
> > > And here go the Four Yorkshire men again...
> > > Guys, what does this have to do with a kubuntu-users mailing list again?
> > >
> > >
> > > Regards, Myriam
> >
> > I marked the thread <OT>
> >
> >
> > Huh?  :) Ric
> Marking an existing topic OT is still hijacking, if it has been hijacked :)
> I am seeing a disproportionate amount of undsubscribe notices as compared 
> to new subscriptions, makes me wonder if there is a need for a separate list 
> for the OT type topics. While I think that a user forum is a better venue for 
> many of the threads and some of our members, I do know many prefer the 
> mailing-list format.

Clay, having been a member of one Linux Distro User List or another for
well over ten years or so, the consensus through all of them is that a
little OT is actually good for a list. Otherwise, we're inhuman question
answering machines. Let me know if this objectification is a goal for
this list or it's users. In the past those who do not wish to join in a
little off-topic banter, need only filter out <OT>. 

About threads, in the Caldera User List we used <TID> or "Thread Is
Deteriorating" as opposed to Hijacked. Again, easy enough to filter for.
And those of us that enjoyed "socializing", we formed relationships and
appreciated gaining another friend in our lives. The "Hot Sauce Eating
Contest" that I held at the RedHat Linux Expo in 2000 came from such OT
banter. I held forth that there was a correlation between Arch-Geekness
and tolerance for Hot Sauce. Mad Dog Hall won, hands down. 

True well adjusted Humans are social animals. So, having the expectation
that we spout answers on demand, then to shut up, sounds kinda
de-humanizing. Eh?  I'd un-subscribe over that, as I would not care to
be objectified so.  

Seals do not bark for no fish. Ric


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