Jaunty - can I disable xinerama?

Mark Greenwood fatgerman at ntlworld.com
Tue May 12 23:06:54 UTC 2009

I will probably raise this as a bug, but X confuses the living goo out of me so I'd like to probe the collective wisdom here first..

On my Asus eee box, X has inexplicably decided I have 2 displays attached, despite there only being one connector for a monitor, and that being connected to my flatscreen TV's VGA port. Very odd. Anyway it seems that because it thinks I have 2 screens it has also enabled the horror that is Xinerama and this is causing mythtv no small amount of confusion.

Now that we have this new improved X which ignores xorg.conf, how can I disable xinerama? Or how can I inform it politely that I only have one screen?

While I'm at it, can I also force it to use a specific refresh rate? It's defaulting to 60Hz, but 50Hz would be much friendlier for my 25Hz PAL TV signal. I've already tried putting 'VertRefresh 50' under the "Monitor" section, but this causes no picture to appear on my TV, which I'm sure is capable of 50Hz.



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