Random freezes in Kubuntu

Ric Moore wayward4now at gmail.com
Sun May 10 02:36:07 UTC 2009

On Sat, 2009-05-09 at 07:29 -0700, Eric Marquez wrote:
> marc said:
> >9.04 is definitely running a lot hotter here. I have also noticed
> that 
> >kwin sometimes "runs away"; sits at 50%+ cpu, which causes things to
> run 
> >very hot. I've no idea what is setting this off, but now that I'm
> aware 
> >of it, I've started watching.
> >I'd try running without compositing: System Settings/Desktop/Enable 
> >desktop effects -> unchecked.
> >Xref this bug, I'm pretty sure that there are a few xorg + video
> driver 
> >bugs lurking - there are large regressions in 9.04:
> Ric Moore said:
> > What nvidia drivers do you have installed?? If I were you, I'd
> install
> >the envyNG package and let it install your nVidia for you. Drivers
> like
> >NV just don't cut it if you want/need the real deal with everything
> >cooking. I run Java 3D Wonderland and it'll bark, howl and die with
> >anything else than the driver from nVidia. Not trying to be
> politically
> >incorrect here, but either it works or it don't. Give that a whirl.
> >Sounds like you have nothing to loose. Ric
> marc, ric: my computer freezes even without video drivers installed.
> The day I formatted the system and installed kubuntu, it was
> freezed before installing anything. I have the 180.51 nvidia driver
> right now. And it happens with/out the desktop effects. And the
> problem is not exclusive of Jaunty. This is been happening since I
> upgraded from kde3 to kde4 (with 8.04).
>  Personally, I suspect it doesn't have to do with drivers (at least
> not with the ones I've installed)... but with some hardware
> problem/incompatibility... I'd like to know if there is some way to
> diagnose this.
>  Ric, I'll try your envyNG suggestion anyway...
>  Any other suggestion?

Wow, it sounds darn near like a power supply problem. When I first
bought my then Big Tower and did a fresh install to it, which was flaky
from beginning to end. It worked for several hours then the desktop
would disappear, or random segfaults and just crazy things happening. No
two crashes were alike, and it wasn't until the second/third day someone
told me "power supply". So, I went back to the dealer, he replaced it
and several years later, if something strange happens, it's the idiot
between the chair and the keyboard fault. The system itself has been
very consistent since. I dunno, trouble shooting with a shotgun. Hey
Gene, what do you think?? :) Ric

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