Random freezes in Kubuntu

Eric Marquez eamner at yahoo.com
Sat May 9 14:29:45 UTC 2009

marc said:

>9.04 is definitely running a lot hotter here. I have also noticed that 
>kwin sometimes "runs away"; sits at 50%+ cpu, which causes things to run 
>very hot. I've no idea what is setting this off, but now that I'm aware 
>of it, I've started watching.

>I'd try running without compositing: System Settings/Desktop/Enable 
>desktop effects -> unchecked.

>Xref this bug, I'm pretty sure that there are a few xorg + video driver 
>bugs lurking - there are large regressions in 9.04:

Ric Moore said:
> What nvidia drivers do you have installed?? If I were you, I'd install
>the envyNG package and let it install your nVidia for you. Drivers like
>NV just don't cut it if you want/need the real deal with everything
>cooking. I run Java 3D Wonderland and it'll bark, howl and die with
>anything else than the driver from nVidia. Not trying to be politically
>incorrect here, but either it works or it don't. Give that a whirl.
>Sounds like you have nothing to loose. Ric

marc, ric: my computer freezes even without video drivers installed. The day I formatted the system and installed kubuntu, it was
freezed before installing anything. I have the 180.51 nvidia driver right now. And it happens with/out the desktop effects. And the problem is not exclusive of Jaunty. This is been happening since I upgraded from kde3 to kde4 (with 8.04).
 Personally, I suspect it doesn't have to do with drivers (at least not with the ones I've installed)... but with some hardware problem/incompatibility... I'd like to know if there is some way to diagnose this.
 Ric, I'll try your envyNG suggestion anyway...
 Any other suggestion?

Greetings ,


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