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Ric Moore wayward4now at gmail.com
Fri May 1 03:50:45 UTC 2009

On Thu, 2009-04-30 at 02:07 -0400, Steven Vollom wrote:
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> > Steven the reason for all of these questions is to try and figure out at
> > what level your problem lies, and if you have indeed found a bug, then
> > figuring out how to replicate it.  So far I can't, although my extra
> > partition is mounted in my home dir not in /media so that may or may not
> > have something to do with it.  ;-)
> I wish I was a little more versed in this system.  I don't know why having a 
> storage partition named /media creates a problem.  The storage is for media 
> projects mostly.  But I have had lots of questions thrown at me about using 
> /media for a mount.  Because I don't know why it is a problem, I don't know 
> why it should be changed.  And, I wouldn't know what to change it too to 
> reduce the problem it seems to cause.  Actually, I have never thought naming 
> it media had anything to do with why problems happen.  I suspect the same 
> problems would happen if I called it /artwork or /movies or /greatstuff or 
> /whatever.  I thought it was only an identifier, a name.

I wrote you back when explaining that /media meant media as in disks,
CD's, DVD's ...you know ..."magnetic media" that is usually removable.
That's where the automounts take place for -physical devices- that
become attached. /mnt is a typical -temporary- mount point for
personal-use partitions, except for when you have a separate partition
that is mounted -permanently- for /usr or /opt or /home, etc. 

Please notice that in your /home/{username} folder you have personal
directories for your user pre-installed. like Desktop/ and Videos/. You
would add artwork/ movies/ or greatstuff/ there as well. See? Not down
in system space where things tend to get touchy and get their feelings
all hurt. Then your machine will pout. They're kinda like Angels, who
cannot tell a lie and live to serve God. Study the Linux Scriptures.

Or, use /opt. I put my large projects there, on a separate
partiton. /opt was used heavily during the Caldera Age for software
installs independent of the operating system. Before that there
was /usr/local/ so you could re-install everything else and not touch
those program files ...if they were on a separate partition. THAT is Old
OLD School. Still works today though. 

Someone wrote after my comment that you could put your mounts any place
you please. Yes, you can do that as well. It's your machine! But, since
some of this stuff going on within new-school auto-magically configure
myself I know better Linux is practically voodoo to me, I chose not to
ignore convention which is Old School. No need in using the thigh-bone,
eh? I'm sure the pig would appreciate it. 
<cue in the Viennese Waltz and 2001>   

It wasn't until we had "auto mount" for things like CD's that the /media
directory came into being. /mnt used to be it, from when you mounted a
CD with command line. So, myself ...I merely leave /media alone in hopes
that today it will notice I have offered it a CD and then it decides to
respond. Or not. Maybe just for style, but now you know the rest of the

Would I personally chose to dink with the existing /media directory?
-No-. /proc isn't a good directory to mess with either. Could you?
Certainly. Best not though, as I suspect it all will horribly go boom.
Red is not a good color to push, either. Maybe for grins check the
permissions and ownership of your /media directory. If your user owns
it, oh man. 

You'll catch on. You're trying some paths into Old School Linux. We blew
up stuff routinely. The smartest of us unplugged the keyboards, and
stuffed a working server into a closet and closed the door. They could
be up for well over a year or so, tossing email and serving files for
ftp and never crash. Now it's common advice to reboot. 
<sighs for a long-gone era> Ric

I wonder what machine has the longest uptime continuously? Anyone
know? :) Ric


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