acer aspire one & Kubuntu

Lisi Reisz lisi.reisz at
Fri May 1 06:12:35 UTC 2009

On Tuesday 28 April 2009 16:32:09 Chris Jones wrote:
> I agree with everyone else that this was a classic example of thread
> stealing. Note that thread stealing does not imply that those doing it
> intended to, or are even aware of what they are doing. In most case it
> occurs when someone hits reply to a message, changes the title to
> something completely different and asks a different question. They usual
> do this as a 'convenient' way of getting the 'to' address, and are
> unaware of the fact that underneath the email header knows it is a reply
> to an email and thus is part of that thread.
> The bottom line is 'whenever' asking a new question, with a new subject
> *always* hit 'new message' and never 'reply'

Or - if, like me, you are lazy but don't want to hijack the thread ;-) - click 
on the required email address in the email from which you would 
click "reply".  At least as quick and easy as clicking "reply" and starts a 
new thread. 


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