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Wed Jun 24 17:35:11 BST 2009

Alvin wrote:
> On Wednesday 24 June 2009 16:14:52 Willy K. Hamra wrote:
>> hello list,
>> is there any program to check the quantity of the data cached in memory
>> awaiting to be written to disk? or even better, watch a graph og IO
>> operations per application? for example, in Proces Explorer on windows,
>> i can add a column of IO graph, which shows each process' IO in a graph
>> beside itm any such tool on linux?
>> i believe most of my bottlenecks, and the few firefox freezes i'm
>> suffering are IO related, when FF is waiting for it's data to be
>> written, it hangs, and starts eating memory in HUGE quantities till the
>> freeze is over.
> Maybe iotop is what you need:
> Description: simple top-like I/O monitor
>  iotop does for I/O usage what top(1) does for CPU usage. It watches I/O usage 
> information output by the Linux kernel (requires 2.6.20 or later)
>  and displays a table of current I/O usage by processes on the system. Handy 
> for answering the question "Why is my disk churning so much?".
> Homepage:
perfect! ya, exactly what i was looking for, thanks a lot buddy.

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