Goh Lip g.lip at
Sat Jun 27 18:57:57 UTC 2009

Goh Lip wrote:
> When updating Karmic alpha2 to alpha3, grub2 was modified and grub 
> legacy removed. However configfile grub.cfg was rendered unusable and 
> was unable to launch any OS in it.
> Made a bug report.
> <quote>
> Public bug reported:
> karmic 64
> linux 2.6.30-9
> grub2
> Grub2 fails to launch any OS.
> Rectified by modifying grub.cfg of the lines
> search --no-floppy --fs-uuid --set 4afcadf1-b2a6-..........
> to
> search  --fs-uuid --set 4afcadf1-b2a6-..........
> ie., by removing "--no-floppy"
> Note: this was done by launching my hardy partition through a dedicated 
> boot partition(grub legacy)
> and modifying the grub.cfg of the karmic partition.
> ** Affects: ubuntu
>       Importance: Undecided
>           Status: New
> <unquote>
> Anybody had similar problem?

Also, has anyone any idea of setting a dedicated grub partition using 
grub2? How do you setup this partition to boot up equivalent to grub 
legacy "root (hd0,x) --> setup (hd0)"?
I cannot make it work through the grub commands, must it be done only 
through the main linux shell?
In other words....
grub>......doesn't work anymore?
gohlip at computername:~$.... only?

Goh Lip

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