upgrade 8.04 -> 9.04+kde3: how?

Dotan Cohen dotancohen at gmail.com
Sun Jun 14 21:24:36 UTC 2009

> My intention is not to piss you off.

I know.

> Quote directly from your own e-mail to the list:
>> Yes, it is embedding Okular transparently just as it embedded Dolphin
>> transparently. You can get very creative with this.

I was exercising the principle widely known as Dotan's Razor: "A small
inaccuracy can save a lengthy explanation." It seems that in this case
I should have simply gone for the lengthy explanation, sorry. I was in
the wrong here.

> If it were possible to remove Okular and Dolphin from the system you
> would lose that functionality in Konqueror

It is possible, and if you do it right (your package manager should)
and leave the shared libraries intact, you will not loose the
functionality in Konqueror. I think that the PDF renderer is called

> Why can't you just admit that Konqueror has changed between pre-dolphin
> and post-dolphin. When you reach the bottom line that's my whole point.
> Pre-dolphin, in that short time, I did use Konqueror as a file/folder
> manager. That was about the only thing to use.

Because it hasn't changed in it's purpose, target audience, or it's
abilities. Some things are new in the Qt 4 version, some Qt 3 features
have not been implemented yet, but most of the features are still
there, and bugs on the rest are either being filed or worked on as we

Dotan Cohen


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