upgrade 8.04 -> 9.04+kde3: how?

Billie Erin Walsh bilwalsh at swbell.net
Sun Jun 14 20:41:30 UTC 2009

Dotan Cohen wrote:
>> So, in other words without the Okular and Dolphin plugins Konqueror
>> won't do either of those things.
>> Getting creative is one thing, but to claim that Konqueror is a
>> file/folder manager and can open PDF's natively is wrong. It can do
>> neither of these things without a plugin. Konqueror is a web browser,
>> period. It's the plugins that give it other abilities. Dolphin _is_ the
>> file/folder manager whether inside Konqueror or stand alone. Okular _is_
>> the PDF viewer either within Konqueror or stand alone. To say that you
>> will switch distros before using Dolphin is an oxymoron. Your already
>> using Dolphin all the time.
>> With the proper plug ins I can do any of those things in Firefox, for
>> instance, but no one claims that Firefox is a file/folder manager or PDF
>> viewer. Firefox is a web browser that can use plug ins, just like
>> Konqueror, to gain more functionality.
> Billie, stop pissing me off. Go install KDE 2 and tell me Konqueror
> is. Then install KDE 3.0 and tell me what Konqueror is. Then work your
> way up the point releases to 3.5. Then tell me again what you feel
> konqueror is. Once you've got all that under your belt, you can look
> at Konqueror in KDE 4 and tell me what it should and should not be. Or
> what _you_ would like it to be.
> And just to make the point, the web browser rendering engine is an
> embedded component in the same manner as the PDF and file management
> facilities are. Furthermore, the PDF component of Okular is embedded
> in Okular in the exact same manner that it is embedded in Konqueror,
> ditto for the file manager component in relation to Dolphin. Konqueror
> is not embedding Dolphin, it is using the same components that Dolphin
> is using. Konqueror is not embedding Okular either, it is using the
> same components that Okular is using. In exactly the same fashion that
> it uses the web browser component. Oh, there are other KDE web
> browsers that use that same component by the way, you can find one of
> them as a desktop plasmoid.
My intention is not to piss you off.

Quote directly from your own e-mail to the list:

> Yes, it is embedding Okular transparently just as it embedded Dolphin
> transparently. You can get very creative with this.

If it were possible to remove Okular and Dolphin from the system you 
would lose that functionality in Konqueror

Why can't you just admit that Konqueror has changed between pre-dolphin 
and post-dolphin. When you reach the bottom line that's my whole point. 
Pre-dolphin, in that short time, I did use Konqueror as a file/folder 
manager. That was about the only thing to use.

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