upgrade 8.04 -> 9.04+kde3: how?

Dotan Cohen dotancohen at gmail.com
Sun Jun 14 14:12:55 UTC 2009

> Konqueror uses Dolphin, at least in part, to work as a file/folder
> manager. _Right_?


> It's kind of like opening a PDF file in a web browser. The browser
> itself doesn't open the file. It uses a plugin to open the file. When
> you use Konqueror as a file/folder manager it uses Dolphin as a plugin
> to actually do the work. Feature requests don't make changes in
> Konqueror. They make changes in Dolphin which then gets used by
> Konqueror. Konqueror is not _THE_ file/folder manager. Dolphin is _THE_
> file/folder manager either working within Konqueror or as a stand alone.

Actually, Konqueror opens PDF files. :)

> It's kind of silly when someone says that if they can't use Konqueror as
> the file manager they will switch distros rather than use Dolphin when
> in fact they use Dolphin every day, just inside the Konqueror container
> is all.
> Why not cut out the middleman, so to speak, and just use the tool that's
> designed to do the work in the first place.

Because Konqueror is more than a file browser, it allows one to
manipulate files in ways that no other file manager ever has. People
are passionate about Konqueror. As you started off with Dolphin, I
don't expect you to understand this, but I will give you some

Konqueror lets the user open two PDFs side by side, or a PDF and a web
page, or a PDF and a file system on a remote host.

Konqueror in KDE 3 had many context-menu scripts, for all kinds of operations.

Konqueror in KDE 3 had a metadata tab that listed _all_ the metadata of a file.

> I find that opening a PDF in the actual tool that is designed to be used
> for that gives more functionality than using a browser plugin within a
> web browser. I don't use Konqueror as a file/folder manager so I can't
> say for sure if Dolphin as a stand alone is more feature rich. But from
> experience with other plugins and stand alone's I would just about bet
> it is.

However, one may want to do things to the PDF that the PDF reader was
not designed to do. With Konqueror you have many additional tools at
your disposal.

> Just whining in general about something that doesn't work like it did
> back in the "good ol' days" is just that. Whining. "I want my banky."
> That's what I see most of. That's not constructive in any way.

Correct, that is why I stress for the KDE 3 holdouts to share with me
what they are missing in KDE 4.

Dotan Cohen


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