upgrade 8.04 -> 9.04+kde3: how?

Billie Erin Walsh bilwalsh at swbell.net
Sun Jun 14 13:11:07 UTC 2009

Goh Lip wrote:
> Billie Erin Walsh wrote:
>> This will probably get me in trouble but...........
>> Have you ever thought of using the file manager to work with your files 
>> and folders and not a web browser?
>> On the task bar there is this nice looking folder with a yellow star on 
>> it. It's one little gizmo I've come to like a _LOT_. With it I can 
>> navigate to any file or folder I want to open [ well, almost any ]. It's 
>> a neat little thing called "Quick Access". I can open files and folders 
>> or just launch the file manager [ Dolphin ] where I want it to open 
>> without having to navigate so much.
>> As I understand the plan for the future Konqueror is not going to be the 
>> swiss army knife of KDE any longer. It's future is to be a better web 
>> web browser. It's something people are just going to have to live with 
>> or change desktops. Much like all the changes from KDE 3.5.10 to KDE 
>> 4.x. I can't say I'm particularly crazy about it but as I learn to work 
>> _with_it_ and not _against_it_ KDE 4.x is becoming much easier to live 
>> with.
>> If I could give one piece of advice for KDE users it would be to learn 
>> to work _WITH_ KDE 4.x and quit moaning and groaning about the loss of 
>> KDE 3.x. Once you learn to work _WITH_ KDE 4.x you can do just about 
>> anything you could do in KDE 3.x. As KDE 4.x matures I feel like most 
>> people will get over it. When KDE 5.x comes along they will moan and 
>> groan over the loss of KDE 4.x.
>> Asi es la vida!
> Funny, I was reading this on my hardy kde 3.5.10 and I am replying from 
> it. My 2 cents (in my currency) take on this is that we all owe the 
> things we are enjoying to the developers who dare to do something 
> different and people who give feedback through bug reports and 'whine 
> about it'. Of course, there are many things broken or not so good when 
> we change to a newer system (that's why I am on hardy to do things that 
> karmic kde 4.3 is messed up currently). Naturally, we also like things 
> to work well.


You testing 9.10 and that's great. I'm glad there are people that are 
doing that. I certainly don't have the basic knowledge to triage like 
that. More power to you my friend. Thank you. And may whatever god you 
believe in bless you greatly.

The thing is that it was made pretty clear something like a year and a 
half, or more, ago that Konqueror was going to change. It was no longer 
going to be "The Swiss Army Knife" tool that it had been before. It's 
been made quite clear that KDE was going to change for about that long 
also. If someone wants KDE 3.x I'm sure that the devs wouldn't mind if 
you sort of took it over and developed it further. [ very much like the 
9.04 with KDE three ] But the future is what it is. After all this time 
I think people quit whining about the loss of KDE 3.x. KDE 4.x is not 
and never will be KDE 3.x. As it matures, and I think we all agree that 
it is not mature by a long shot, with the help of great people like you 
and Dotan that it will improve.

BUT, there are certain realities that some people must face. Like the 
thing about Konqueror. Konqueror is no longer _THE_ file manager. Sure 
you can browse files and folders with it but it is not intended to be 
_THE_ file manager. Dolphin is now, and will be, _THE_ file manager in 
KDE X.x for the future. [ at least until something else comes along ]

For countless generations the hand saw, in various forms, was _THE_ saw. 
Then someone came up with powered saws. Some accepted the new saws with 
great happiness and some grumped about how the hand saw was a superior 
tool. Hand saw manufacturing dropped off and the hangers-on grumped 
about the lack of good hand saws. As time went on and the "hangers-on" 
saw that people that used powered saws were getting more done in less 
time and with less effort they had to admit that powered saws maybe were 
not such a bad thing after all. Although they still loved their old hand 
saw they slowly accepted the new powered saw and used it.

KDE 4.x is here to stay. AND, IMHO, it is silly to file bug reports and 
feature requests to get KDE 3.x back again.

Is KDE 4.x perfect? NO, not by a long shot. But it is getting better all 
the time.

Is KDE 4.x mature? Again, not by a long shot. But with the help of those 
that are triaging the newest, latest and greatest it will be.

Learn to work _WITH_ KDE 4.x and you will be a lot happier with it. Keep 
trying to make it KDE 3.x and you are bound to be miserable.

OK, off my soap box now. I return you to your normal rant.

Treat all stressful situations like a dog does.
If you can't eat it or play with it, 
just pee on it and walk away

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