upgrade 8.04 -> 9.04+kde3: how?

Dotan Cohen dotancohen at gmail.com
Sun Jun 14 14:06:35 UTC 2009

> You testing 9.10 and that's great. I'm glad there are people that are
> doing that. I certainly don't have the basic knowledge to triage like
> that. More power to you my friend. Thank you. And may whatever god you
> believe in bless you greatly.

All you need to do is use it! If it gives you no problems, great! If
it does, then file a bug either here:

Or here:

Or let me know and I'll file it in the right place. You can even call
me on the phone to help file KDE bugs:

> The thing is that it was made pretty clear something like a year and a
> half, or more, ago that Konqueror was going to change. It was no longer
> going to be "The Swiss Army Knife" tool that it had been before.

That has never been the case, why do you think that? KDE has a new
default file manager, but Konqueror isn't going anywhere. In fact,
even with the few things still missing from KDE 3, I find Konqueror in
KDE 4 more capable than it ever has been as a file manager! Shall I
list the 3 -> 4 improvements?

> It's
> been made quite clear that KDE was going to change for about that long
> also. If someone wants KDE 3.x I'm sure that the devs wouldn't mind if
> you sort of took it over and developed it further. [ very much like the
> 9.04 with KDE three ] But the future is what it is. After all this time
> I think people quit whining about the loss of KDE 3.x. KDE 4.x is not
> and never will be KDE 3.x.

That is correct, KDE 4 is not a Qt4 port of KDE 3. However, if there
are features missing at this stage, then that is a bug and I'll help
take care of it. Just let me know what is missing.

> BUT, there are certain realities that some people must face. Like the
> thing about Konqueror. Konqueror is no longer _THE_ file manager. Sure
> you can browse files and folders with it but it is not intended to be
> _THE_ file manager. Dolphin is now, and will be, _THE_ file manager in
> KDE X.x for the future. [ at least until something else comes along ]

Konqueror is still _the_ file manager for a lot of people. When you
file KDE bugs or ask KDE questions, all Konqueror-related file
management issues are considered. Would you like Konqueoror to be your
default file manager? You can so configure it.

If you can point out a regression in Konqueror from KDE 3, then I will
file the bug. It's that simple. You can make KDE 4 just as great as
KDE 3 was, in fact, that is the intention.

> KDE 4.x is here to stay. AND, IMHO, it is silly to file bug reports and
> feature requests to get KDE 3.x back again.

But to get the _features_ of KDE 3 into KDE 4, that is not silly! In
fact, that is the intention! Please help!

> Is KDE 4.x perfect? NO, not by a long shot. But it is getting better all
> the time.

Because of yours like you who file bug reports.

Dotan Cohen


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