Is there virus removal software for Jaunty KDE

Steven Vollom stevenvollom at
Sun Jun 14 02:00:50 UTC 2009

On Saturday 13 June 2009 03:14:11 pm Jonas Norlander wrote:
> On Sat, Jun 13, 2009 at 8:23 PM, Steven
> Vollom<stevenvollom at> wrote:
> > I need the name of software that I can install on a terminal to remove a
> > virus.  Google search was ineffective at least for me.  Every word I
> > searched came up with everything but what I am looking for, and
> > Kpackagekit requires the exact name of an application to locate it.  I
> > remember with adpept, if I typed in the word virus, it was alreading
> > searching for anything with the word virus in it and several options
> > would usually appear; but KpackageKit requires an exact name.  TIA
> The easiest solution would be to install clamav then you can scan the
> files with the command clamscan. Read the manual for how to use it,
> probably the only flag you need is -r for scan folders recursive.
> / Jonas

Dear Jonas,

I may have already responded to this email, however, the hard thing to get 
hold of in understanding the problem is that to get Klamov, I have to be able 
to access the internet.  Even using a package manager, it is a download, and I 
am closed out of using the Internet from that computer.

I think I sent you an explanation in total, but virus' are such a non-
occurrence in Linux, it is hard to consider being kept from the Internet.  If 
you know a way to download and copy Klamov to a CD, I am writing to you now 
from an old laptop I fixed.  It has a writer and works good enough to copy the 
necessary files.

I know how to install an application using a gui package manager.  I know how 
to install an application using apt.  What I don't know how to do is download 
an application to a folder then copy to a CD and install the executable 
application to the computer.  I think that is the only way I will be able to 
get virus software in that computer, and I don't know if the virus has already 
considered that options and closed that door too.  There must be a way, 
though.  Don't you think?

Perhaps there is something I am overlooking.  That seems most probable, but I 
don't know what it would be.  Thanks for trying.

By the way, I think Clamav for KDE is Klamov, not sure but saw it written that 
way..  Thanks again friend!



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