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Steven Vollom stevenvollom at
Thu Jun 4 02:45:33 UTC 2009

> ok, rule number 1 steven, no 3rd party repositories of any kind!
> please, stick to the default repositories, and you would be ok, have you
> not learned anything from your previous experiences when trying to jump
> way ahead of yourself? slowly steps is what you need.
> get a stable system from default repositories, learn to have *full*
> control and knowledge of your system before jumping to fancy stuff in
> other repositories. otherwise, forgive me for it Steven, but i won't
> (and i know many won't as well) help you out with such trouble. you HAVE
> to have complete knowledge of your current system before moving to
> another step, or else, we would be walking in a circle here.

I have 2 computers now, Willie.  I had kde 4.2.3 on this, my old box that was 
for the experiments I like to try.  Still, when something happened to the 
hardware on my new box, I had to use this one to keep in touch and to try to 
find the solution to fixing my new machine.  I had difficulty getting the ppa to 
work, I remember when I installed it in this box before.

In any event, when I went to the old box, it had that terrible mounting system 
I have had problems with for years.  When I learned how to fix the mounting 
problems on the new box, it was wonderful.  I retained kde 4.2.2 on the new 
box, even though I upgraded to kde 4.2.3 on this one.  When I reinstalled the 
OS on this machine, I wanted to install the kde 4.2.3 again, but couldn't 
remember how I did that.  When I saw you approaching the subject, I thought I 
could restore this machine again.  I really have not had any trouble with it 
so far, and I have been waiting until it is stable to install it on the 64 bit 
box.  I think it a good idea to wait on this box anyway, until the 64bit is up 
again.  A friend thinks it is a memory problem, but I think it may be 
something else.  I hate to think that it might be a socket problem with memory 
and not memory.  I tested the memory and it worked in the first two slots.

As far as waiting until I understand everything about linux, I really can't do 
that.  My health is not all that good; each additional day is a blessing.  If 
I take your suggestion, it will take the fun out of this stuff, I might as well 
just pack it in.  I want at least one box working all the time, but I don't 
want to live safe.  I want to learn and experience as much as I am able in the 
time I have.  I love the fact that you guys try to protect me; I just don't 
want to take the fun out of learning.

Sometimes I get a little stressed when it looks like I can't get it working 
again, but even then I enjoy the repair, much more than stability.  Thanks 


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