audio format converter

Chris Jones jonesc at
Fri Jul 31 15:47:50 UTC 2009

> -- Mateus Revoredo No I hadn't tried it, cos I'd never heard of it, I 
> have now installed it, and it is exactly what I wanted. Ta muchly Mateus 
> Thank you all for your comments about lossy formats etc. I shall have to 
> think carefully before embarking on this rather daunting project. I may 
> just convert what's necessary for email, ftp or CD. What started me off 
> on this was noticing I had Beethoven's Chorale symphony.wav = 631 MiB, 
> and a good few more like that, HDD eaters all. brian * *

WAV files are uncompressed raw sound files. One thing you could do right 
now to save space is convert them to flac files. FLAC stands for Free 
Lossless Audio Code and you will not loose any quality in doing this, 
but should gain a fair in file size bit compared to the original WAV 
files. You can then later on decide if you want to go further, to lossy 
formats like OGG or MP3, which will give you smaller files again but at 
some quality cost.


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