no sound after?

Steven Vollom stevenvollom at
Sun Jul 26 20:48:46 UTC 2009

> Do you have the Kmix icon at the system tray?
> If not, open command and enter 'kmix'
> LEFT click on the icon and click 'mixer' button.
> Do you see a channel with PCM?
> If no, at the settings, click configure channels.
> Then tick PCM button. You're done.
> Make sure you slide up the volumn level up, too :)
> Regards,
> Goh Lip
> note: if this is not the issue, let's tackle this some other time.
> I need to take about 8 hrs off.

I am the least to give advice, and you help me all the time while I am in 
Jaunty, two steps after Hardy.  I am having difficulty understanding why you 
haven't made the move?  I would skip Intrepid, but Jaunty is rock solid.  All 
the problems I seem to have are self created, because I don't know proper 
usage yet, but I remember and liked Hardy, but I so prefer Jaunty to Hardy or 

I am not positive, but I believe Jaunty handles all sound installations 
automatically.  You may have some choices, I have four, but the one that works 
is the one  that I use.  My sound is excellent, too.

Make a Live CD of Jaunty and see if that works.  Then test the application a 
bit to see if you might like it.  If you use Gnome for a Desktop, try the 
Traditional menu option in the widgets.

I had to make the change, due to my motherboard and excessive memory.  They 
were not supported in earlier issues, however, I just love Jaunty.  It only 
took a few days to get used to it, and I believe it is the direction Kubuntu 
will be taking itself anyway.

I have been where you are so many times, stressed to the maximum, where it 
gets confusing, you have tried so many things.

I faintly remember that there were a lot of changes between Hardy and Jaunty, 
but they made things easier, especially hardware installations.  I wish I 
could help you for a change, my friend.

If you try the Live CD, just click on the Kmenu and open System Settings.  If 
you open Multimedia, you should have at least one sound possibility to test.  
I have four, however only one works with my current setup.  I have analog, 
digital, HDMI, and Pulse-Audio.  I currently use Analog.  In Jaunty, when you 
open Kmix, you have several selections that are automatically muted and some 
that are not with the high volume setting.  I know you have considered the 
mute factor, but I don't remember what the Multimedia choices were like in 
Hardy.  I may download a Live CD Hardy and see.

Relax a bit from the problem.  I will try the little I know, and see if I can 
come up with something.

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