Odd "logout" behaviour in KDE4 (Jaunty)

sam srf10130 at vtc.vsc.edu
Sat Jul 25 12:08:01 UTC 2009

Donn wrote:
> On Friday, 24 July 2009 18:38:30 Alvin wrote:
>> I have the same problem. Logging out will give me a blank screen. My  
>> workaround is logging in with ssh and # /etc/init.d/kdm restart
>> Of course, this requires a second pc. No good solution yet.
>> I think it may be related to the Intel graphics issues.
> Try Ctrl + Alt + F1 --> that gives you a console login. No need for ssh as far 
> as I can tell!
> \d
You may be suffering from this bug:

If you have:
-samba/cifs shares mounting in fstab
-you get a black screen with a cursor when you shutdoown that hangs from
1 min -> forever
-you may or may not see a "CIFS VFS" error at shutdown
you may be affected.

If you have these symptoms but don't get the error messages you can
remove the quiet and splash parameters from your boot line, which will
let you see what is going on. If you are suffering from this you will
see the shutdown process stop and hang with "CIFS VFS..."

The fix listed in #46-47 of the bug report works for me.

If this is not the case, have you tried instead of hard power the
Alt-SysReq- REISUB trick
(http://kember.net/articles/231/reisub-the-gentle-linux-restart) to get
the machine to shut down as it is safer for your data as it forces a
sync of the disks.


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