Perry pwhite at bluewin.ch
Mon Jul 20 20:25:27 UTC 2009

Le Monday 20 July 2009 14:22:59 Derek Broughton, vous avez écrit :
> > It's both inconvenient and annoying to
> > try and figure out which browser to use for which sites.
> You don't.  You browse everything in Konqueror, and if something doesn't
> work, right click on the page and tell it to "Open with Firefox".  I do
> this all the time.  otoh, I would never dream of turning off javascript.
>  One might as well run a copy of Navigator 3 or IE 4.  I'd be happy if I
> really could view the web without Flash, but viewing the web without
> javascript is ignoring most of the strength of the web.

Hi all,

Just my 2 cents, now running Kubuntu Hardy , fresh install on new computer, 
(after my 15 years old computer passed out) the first three things I did 
1) check wether I could improve resolution of 1920X1080 screen above 800x600
(window opened bigger than screen and had to be moved around to find close "x" 
widget, the systrem would be unusable in the long term)   ...more on another 
thread to come.
2)  Restore my essential "home" files using a "test-bench computer because I 
could not plug in old ide drives on machine with only sata connectors
3) Install a desktop icon to launch konqueror in filebrowser mode, since I 
could not find a way to emulate the konq behaviour of navigation panel linked 
with files and folder pannel in Dolphin.
IMHO Konqueror is a great file manager but not complete? as web browser.
4) Install firefox and Java to have it usable.

Greetings 		Perry

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