Steven Vollom stevenvollom at sbcglobal.net
Mon Jul 20 00:57:25 UTC 2009

On Sunday 19 July 2009 03:25:30 pm Tony Sivori wrote:
> Steven Vollom wrote:
> > I have a bug in my computer related to JavaScript.
> This doesn't directly address your question, but you might consider trying
> it anyway.
> Turn off all Java, JavaScript, animations and plugins in Konqueror. The
> web will be a much nicer place for it.
> Then install and use Firefox for any must have sites that you may frequent
> that will not function without Java, JS, Flash, etc.
> The above method works very well for me. I do 95% of my browsing with
> Konqueror, and use Firefox only when necessary. You never even have to
> copy and paste a URL, because installing Firefox adds a "Open with Firefox
> Web Browser" to the Konqueror Location menu. So with two clicks in
> Konqueror you can open any page in Firefox.
> --
> Tony Sivori
> Due to spam, I'm filtering all Google Groups posters.

I can do that Tony, and thank you, but mostly I use my computer for learning 
at this time.  I watch a movie from time to time or play a couple of hands of 
Spider Solitaire, but I have basically suspended all other use until I 
understand and can use Kubuntu without bothering an expert every day.  This is 
a problem I want to know what is, and have the ability to fix the problem 
should it happen again.  I may install firefox, however I don't think I will 
use it very often.  That would defeat my goal.  Thanks for the work around, I 
have learned with that information too.  I am grateful.


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