Strange Video infirmaties

Steven Vollom stevenvollom at
Fri Jul 17 04:15:27 UTC 2009

Recently I dounloaded 8 updates for Jaunty kde.  I posted problems with 
strange crashing problems with Konqueror and Kmail.

I have had a strange new problem that looks self-explanatory, but I don't 
believe it is.  Firstly, I have had some difficulties getting my new video card 
reinstalled, but the on board video is high quality and everything has been 
beautiful in the video department.  Nonetheless there are new video anomalies 
that I don't believe are related to a GPU problem.

Different applications have parts that change colors to colors that are 
consistent with those used in my desktop appearance.  They are like blocks of 
color, very dark, but slightly transparent so that with strain, I can make out 
what is underneath.  It happens in both Konqueror and Kmail, but not Dolphin.

It appears to be random over the screen and also affects the desktop itself.  
The beautiful artwork of my current desktop is filled with glitches in the 
perfection of the view.

Nonetheless, I have played several movies, waiting for it to appear on a video 
intensive and continually changing background, and the movies all play without 
any distortions at all.  That is why I don't think it is a GPU problem.

If anyone has experienced what I have tried to describe, did you find a 
solution to the problem, or is it probably the result of the recent updates, 
and will probably go away with a new update?

Distorted as it is, it is quite beautiful.


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