Setting up the proper screen size for 1920x1080 60

Steven Vollom stevenvollom at
Sun Jul 19 02:31:05 UTC 2009

On Saturday 18 July 2009 02:26:19 pm Tony Sivori wrote:
> Gerald I. Evenden wrote:
> > I am trying to install Kubuntu (Desktop 9.04/AMD 64) on an HP.
> >
> > Initially, I am trying to install it with wubi just to try it out and
> > see if things basically work and still preserve an operating Vista (Ugh)
> > to fall back on.
> >
> > Things went well except for what seems to be a common problem: getting
> > the screen to function at the full 1920x1080-60Hz configuration (Nvidia
> > card). Software with the installation fails to have a long enough size
> > list and searching the net yields and almost infinite list of ways to
> > set things up. I tried one of them that I thought I understood the best
> > and it killed X11 by leaving it with no screen.  All the methods listed
> > out there are of various dates and ... .
> >
> > Does anyone know of a "sure fire", up to date mechanism to solve this
> > problem?
> >
> > Suggestion of a good up todate web site or would be appreciated,
> > especially one geared to the less gifted guru.  ;-)
> >
> > Many thanks.
> Far from sure fire, but there are several ways to fix your problem. Also,
> you might get better help here if you provide more info. You failed to
> state your monitor model, and if you are using the open source video
> driver or the Nvidia restricted proprietary driver.
> If you have installed the Nvidia proprietary driver, just look for your
> monitor model in the driver settings and select that. (I'm running Kubuntu
> 8.04 32 bit so I can't tell you exactly where to find that in your 9.04 64
> bit install.)
> If your exact model is not listed, try one that is the same brand and
> screen size with the same native resolution. For example, my Samsung
> 2443BWX runs fine at its native resolution of 1920x1200 when it is
> selected as a Samsung 240T Syncmaster from the list of monitors.
> --
> Tony Sivori
> Due to spam, I'm filtering all Google Groups posters.

I use an AMD 64 bit quad with 8gb of memory.  My board chip is a 780a nVidia 
and my GPU is nVidia too.

Because of the amount of memory I have and the nVidia chips, I had to modify 
the Boot Grub by adding  pci=nomsi to the lines that start with kernel.  It is 
special for my type of equipment, but if you have similar, it will be needed 
to get a screen on yours.  You also need to make sure the proper GPU is active 
in your BIOS, if you have on board GPU and a video card.  I think the cards in 
question are 8400 and up GForce cards.

You can check your drivers by clicking on your kmenu Icon on the 
panel>Applications>System>Hardware Drivers.  It will give you driver options.  
Try the one that is recommended.  Then make sure to activate it.

I usually don't try to help too much, because I am a newbie, but I have a lot 
of experience in this particular problem.  If your system is anything like 
mine, contact me privately on my personal email for additional help.


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