re grub on cdrom

Bruce Marshall bmarsh at
Thu Jul 16 16:16:27 UTC 2009

On Thursday 16 July 2009, ray burke wrote:
> Can someone help
> What is the way to copy to bootable cdrom a copy of my
> dual boot xp pro sp3/Kubuntu, so that if I ever corrupt
> the grub I can just load it in via cdrom at boot up time.
> Or is there a procedure to follow to re-create it for my
> dual boot?

1)  You are asking for an impossibility.   There is waaaay to much data to put 
on a single CD.    

2) There is much help on the internet  (and the Ubuntu forums) for rebuilding 
grub if you lose it.   Read up...

(and some of that info has been presented right here in response to your 

Learn grub  and you can probably find a solution that would fit on either a 
floppy or a CD.  I used to make myself a bootable floppy but haven't done so 
in years because it is very easy to fix grub using live cd's.

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