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Goh Lip g.lip at
Thu Jul 16 08:48:02 UTC 2009

ray burke wrote:
> Can someone help
> What is the way to copy to bootable cdrom a copy of my
> dual boot xp pro sp3/Kubuntu, so that if I ever corrupt
> the grub I can just load it in via cdrom at boot up time.
> Or is there a procedure to follow to re-create it for my
> dual boot?
> ray
> PS can I copy my current grud specs to a cdrom so as I know the parameters
> when I loose the grub?

Ray, see this in making a bootable grub (empty, ie., no menu.lst) cdrom

Also, would help if you first try to google for it yourself. You might 
learn more and faster too.

Also note grub legacy will be phased out in karmic.

And yes, besides having a grub cdrom, it is helpful to have a newer 
grub2 cdrom and a gparted cdrom as well. When installing or 
reinstalling, making an apt-cdrom of all previous 
downloads/installations is useful too. Try googling for yourself.

goh lip

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