Best netbook for Kubuntu?

Billie Erin Walsh bilwalsh at
Wed Jul 15 22:37:34 UTC 2009

Scott wrote:
> On July 15, 2009 04:06:37 pm Billie Erin Walsh wrote:
>> I've got an Asus EeePC 900A and love it. 
> I don't know why anyone would even think about purchasing a Asus 
> Netbook; or even anything from Asus at all.  "Asus slaped Linux in the 
> face" as is shown in this article:
> linux-in-the-face/.  Asus paired up with microsoft to make an Anti-Linux 
> campaign that can be seen at

I ought the Asus because it has the best features for the money. It 
actually came with their own version of Xandros but that kiddie 
interface just wasn't for me. I've upgraded the SSHD to 65gig and two 
gigs memory. I like the SSHD because there are no moving parts and the 
battery life seems to be a bit longer. The other half has the biggest E 
and is _very_ happy with it.

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