Can't find package Ebox in my computer.

Steven Vollom stevenvollom at
Thu Jan 8 05:29:53 UTC 2009

> eBox is a web application that means that you have to run on a web
> server and access it with a web browser. Check that you have apache
> running then write this url in your browsers address field
> https://localhost/eBox You have a userguide here
 Dear Jonas,

I didn't know I had installed apache, however, I checked and it is installed 
on this computer.  I looked for it in Kmenu and couldn't find it.  I Alt+f2 
and got 'could not run specific command'.

When I clicked on the link you provided 'https://localhost/ eBox, I got:
The server certificate failed the authenticity test (localhost).  When I 
clicked on Details I got:  Certificate is self-signed and thus may not be 
trustworthy.  The Certificate has not been issued for this host.

Under peer certificate:  It says Common name: eBox Server
Under Issuer:  It says Common name: eBox Server

Under IP address:
URL:                      https://localhost:443

I really don't understand what any of this means.


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