Can't find package Ebox in my computer.

Jonas Norlander jonorland at
Thu Jan 8 10:08:20 UTC 2009

2009/1/8 Steven Vollom <stevenvollom at>:
>> eBox is a web application that means that you have to run on a web
>> server and access it with a web browser. Check that you have apache
>> running then write this url in your browsers address field
>> https://localhost/eBox You have a userguide here
>  Dear Jonas,
> I didn't know I had installed apache, however, I checked and it is installed
> on this computer.  I looked for it in Kmenu and couldn't find it.  I Alt+f2
> and got 'could not run specific command'.
> When I clicked on the link you provided 'https://localhost/ eBox, I got:
> The server certificate failed the authenticity test (localhost).  When I
> clicked on Details I got:  Certificate is self-signed and thus may not be
> trustworthy.  The Certificate has not been issued for this host.
> Under peer certificate:  It says Common name: eBox Server
> Under Issuer:  It says Common name: eBox Server
> Under IP address:
> URL:                      https://localhost:443
> I really don't understand what any of this means.
> Steven

It's a warning from your browser that the security certificate used on
this site is not valid and you should not trust it. You can download
it and "trust" it anyway, there should be a button or something you
can click on in that message/dialog.

As Sinclair sad, i don't think that installing eBox (Never used it
myself but it looks like webmin) is anything you need on a normal
workstation. The thinks you probably most need to configure is the
things you in have System Settings and for them you don't need eBox.

Installing services you don't need or know how to configure is also a
security risk so my suggestion is to uninstall eBox and apache as you
most likely don't need them.

/ Jonas

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