When I open my computer, the 'active window bar' at the top of a window does not install.

Art Alexion art.alexion at gmail.com
Fri Jan 2 22:29:43 UTC 2009

Steven Vollom wrote:
> I just never know what to call the bar at the top of a window; it is the one 
> that has the '-' tab, the 'box or overlapping boxes' tab, and the 'x' tab in 
> the upper right hand corner of the page.  Anyway, when I boot up, that bar 
> does not activate.  I have to open a konsole, type in kwin, and leave that 
> konsole open the entire session, or the bar deactivates.
> There doesn't seem to be a man page to explain this or it's cure.
> The problem may have been caused by bad memory, but I have removed the 
> offending memory stick, and it still does not work without the extra effort.
> Does anyone know the cure for this?  Thanks!


Sounds like you are missing the window title bar.  This is controlled by 
the window manager, most likely kwin or emerald.  Sometimes you get that 
behavior when you use kwin with compiz, or emerald without  it.  I have 
had the problem running wine apps under compiz.

Does restarting X (ctrl+alt+backspace) help?

Have you checked the window settings from the settings manager?

Have you tried reloading the window manager?

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