How do I search the Kubuntu-users Archives for a specific topic?

Eric ejazzkatt at
Sun Feb 22 12:30:24 GMT 2009

There is also a Kubuntu Forum and it has a search box included on the 
page. The forum is located at


> my search Sound stopped in Intrepid KDE 4.2
> Dear Matt,
> I put the above on the Google search line, is that what you mean.  What you 
> see only returned 2 replys and neither related to my problem.  I suppose it 
> is possible, however, this would seem a common solved problem on the list.  
> Perhaps not.  My sound stopped after a considerable update recently to 
> Intrepid KDE 4.2.  In hardy, there was a location to test sound, however, I 
> have not found such a location in Intrepid yet.  I really don't understand 
> what happens when I enter the command 'dpki --configure -a' I just know that 
> sometimes it seems to fix a problem, nonetheless it had no effect on my sound 
> problem.  Are their other code entries that might indicate what is wrong with 
> my sound?  I have this problem posted, but am not getting a response.  Hope 
> this is not a bother.
> Steven

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