Newbie thinkin' about KDE &ClamTk virus scanner says...DUH.

Nils Kassube kassube at
Tue Feb 3 07:41:35 GMT 2009

Frani Angel wrote:
> Have questions...not sure if I'm supposed to start one thread per
> question or just ask them all in at once. So I'll ask two right now.

Usually it is better to use one thread per question.

> My other problem with deciding about and installing the KDE desktop is
> that I'm not sure how to get or install KDE

Install the package "kubuntu-desktop" with your favourite package manager. 
That package will request the rest of Kubuntu.

> ... or how to find that old 
> journal/calender program either

I'm not sure but I suppose you mean KOrganizer which is integrated in the 
program Kontact. It will be installed automatically with the 
kubuntu-desktop package.

> - or if a "newer" version of that 
> journal/calendar/time manager is already present on the "new" KDE, or
> if I should use the 4.2 KDE or would it be better for me to go with a
> more stable, but slightly older version of KDE, etc.

That depends on your preference. If always you need the latest and (not 
always) greatest installed, you could use KDE 4.2. Personally I prefer a 
stable platform, so I'm using KDE3 and I will wait with upgrading until 
the release of Kubuntu 9.04 or maybe even 9.10.

I think if you want KDE 4.2 now you need Kubuntu 8.10 with a ppa 
repository enabled. To get to that point you would first upgrade to 8.10 
which brings KDE 4.1.something. See 
<> for upgrade 
instructions. After that you would add the ppa repository like it is 
described here: <>.

> * Can anyone give me a general sort of plus and minus review of what
> are the difference between KDE & gnome? What do I give up if I use KDE
> vrs. gnome?

Well, my totally biased answer is this: Gnome is UGLY and you don't lose 
anything if you use KDE instead. However, many people don't agree with 
that view. IMHO you have to decide for yourself what is better for you. 
And you can always start Gnome applications with KDE and vice versa. If 
you have both desktops installed you can select which one to use when you 

> Because I came from windows, I imagine that I have to have some sort of
> way to scan for viruses, so I downloaded ClamTk, which is a virus
> scanner.

No, you don't have to scan for viruses. While some people insist that it 
might be possible in theory to write a virus for Linux, there are no real 
Linux viruses in the wild ATM. The only reason to scan for viruses would 
be to protect Windows users if you host their mail.


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