Running out of space in / folder

Alvin info at
Tue Feb 3 21:13:38 GMT 2009

> Amila Liyanaarachchi wrote:
>> I have allocated a 3.8GB partition (/home, /boot are in different
>> partitions) to my root directory.
>> Recently upgraded to KDE 4.2 and now my root directory is full. I have
>> very few amount of Software installed. but the size of / is
>> unbelievably large.
>> Any guess why? Any actions I can take to reduce size ?
> If you are still able to install and/or use it, kdirstat will show you
> where your space is wasted.
> and an introduction about Disk Usage and cleanup tools:

$ sudo aptitude autoclean
to remove old installation files that you'll probably never need again.


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