installed a little kde, it switched to it on the reboot, and most stuff is missing, no access to a shell of any kind

Goh Lip g.lip at
Tue Dec 15 01:02:50 GMT 2009

On 15/12/09 08:14, Goh Lip wrote:
> On 15/12/09 03:09, Gene Heskett wrote:
>> On Monday 14 December 2009, Goh Lip wrote:

>> But, now I have another problem.  I'm trying to install amanda, but no matter
>> what I do to the user amanda using vim to fix /etc/sudoers and /etc/group, I
>> cannot get into /home/amanda to actually do the installation, which for some
>> portions of it requires a real root account.  Whats the best way to  fix that
>> so I can actually do an 'su -'?
> I had some advice on this when I messed up my hardy on a bad fstab line
> at Jaunty. Had not actually done it as I had reinstalled by then. I'll
> try to look it up.

Ah, here it is...

> Goh Lip<g.lip at> wrote:
>> > Jonas Norlander wrote:
>> >
>>> >>
>>> >> It could be that your /etc/sudoers got corrupted or perhaps you by
>>> >> mistake changed something in your /etc/fstab so the partition didn't
>>> >> got mounted right.
>> >
>> > Jonas, I think you are right in that my fstab in Karmic messed up the
>> > /usr/bin/sudo as well as /etc/sudoers in Hardy.
>> >
>> > I have been trying to fix only the /usr/bin/sudo and have not tried
>> > fixing /etc/sudoers. Any thoughts on how to do that?
>> >
> /etc/sudoers is the configuration file for the sudo command and as
> default there is not much in it. The only uncommented line for my
> Jaunty machine is:
> Defaults        env_reset
> root    ALL=(ALL) ALL
> %admin ALL=(ALL) ALL
> To edit /etc/sudoers you run "sudo visudo" from command line but if
> your sudo don't work you have to gain root permissions some other way
> (boot from a live-CD) and edit the file.
> We don't know if that was the cause for your trouble but if happens
> again it could be worth checking.
> / Jonas

>> I am also looking to transfer my whole email setup across, which except for
>> kmail itself here, it all runs as the user=me.  There are no doubt going to
>> be roadblocks there that a sudo can't fix.  Once that is addressed, I can
>> have my choices of mint8 or mandriva, and that is a good feeling.

I had a partition containing all the config files which I auto mounted 
at fstab. These files are s-linked to the corresponding folders. I do 
not automount for data files which I can simply mount at dolphin. These 
config files include .mozilla, .thunderbird, chromium and opera and 
.bashrc and others. They work across different versions including 
thunderbird2/thunderbird3. Kmail and konqueror are not so simple and 
much trickier, they break across different versions.

Goh Lip

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