Brian Norman Wootton Brian.Meg at
Thu Apr 30 20:18:10 UTC 2009

DB> > Install Synaptic. Kpackagekit is a waste of disk space.
DB> But synaptic is a _bigger_ waste, as it pulls in so much of Gnome...
DB>  :-) 

Kpackagekit looks to be pretty incomplete (e.g. there is a details
button that is always greyed out). Adept is available for Jaunty, though
that too is a pale imitation of the KDE3 version (inconsistent behaviour
of the search bing the biggest problem). 

As of right now none of the package manager choices is altogether
satisfactory (IMHO), but if you have Kpackagekit, adept and aptitude
(along of course with apt-get at the command line) one of them will do
most things. 

Thanks fellers.
  After footling about with apt-get, dpkg, et al, I finally found out that KPackageKit was
hung up trying to install a java plugin for firefox which  depended on 
ia32-sun-java6-bin-6-13-1-amd64.deb. Kpack* had previously refused to install ia32* saying
it was not an official package. But, but, but.....every time I fired up KPack* afterwards
it kept trying to install the firefox jre plugin and hanging forever looking for sun-java6-bin
which it had refused to install. I couldn't discover how to tell the 'installation system'
to forget this java plugin so I swore loud and long and re-installed Jaunty, a sledge-hammer 
to crack a nut, I know, but it worked. I suggest that any-one with Jaunty on an AMD64
avoid ia32-sun-java6-bin-6-13-1-amd64.deb like the plague.

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