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Steven Vollom stevenvollom at sbcglobal.net
Thu Apr 30 19:49:22 UTC 2009

> So when you mean restore the widget does this mean you are adding the
> widget itself back to the panel, or just resetting the path back to
> "/media/disk-2/steven"? 

I remove then reinstall, then configure.

> FWIW , you are not putting anything into the
> widget except the path to the directory you want it to start up with.

Thanks, I did not know this.  The way I use it is much better for me.
> > > is it also blank?  I'm also presuming that after you put the right
> > > address in that Quick Access works for the rest of the session??

No, only removal and replacement and reconfiguration restore it to how it suits 
> >
> > It works for several sessions until another crash.
> Steven, it is to be expected that after a crash that some things will not
> work right or the same.  Many programs save their settings or data when
> exiting and a crash doesn't allow them to do this.  Solving your crash
> problems should solve the problems with this widget.

Thanks.  This is very helpful information.  I have a different perspective of 
the problem.
> > I don't know why I am
> > having so many system crashed anymore, but it started when I fresh
> > installed the jaunty Rc.
> I would suggest that you got something wrong when installing.  My solution
> would be to try re-installing again, and note all of the decisions you make
> in the process.  

I need to pause a bit.  I have been so careful with this installation, I want 
to dig a bit more.  The only reason I formatted and installed fresh was to 
make sure the computer had the least number of changes from what should be the 
best state of a working configuration.  I never really understand how much 
repair work has effect on the long term use of an OS, so I wanted the least 
number of corrections in the system.  I  really like jaunty and can see it as 
a long-haul OS.


> My thoughts were that maybe the
> widget expected to start in your home dir and perhaps starting elsewhere
> was confusing it, but it seems most likely that your problem is being
> caused by the crashes, and is not directly a widget problem.

I kind of agree with you here now.  I think the crashes are causing the 
problem and I may now understand why.  Although I am perhaps least able to add 
much to this forum, here is what I think may have happened.

There was a boot entry addition that was required for my particular components 
that was not entered properly in the fresh installation of Jaunty Rc.  I was 
unable to get the proper entry method until just recently,  consequently I 
have been using workarounds trying to get the computer stabilized.  That entry 
in the boot instruction is called pci=nomsi.

I probably have been causing and patching with workarounds without realizing 
the impact of this.  Finally the computer's OS has become corrupted to a point 
where the history of operation/fix has finally gotten to a point where I crash 
certain applications as a result.  Before this installation, I never had 
crashes that repeated, like Kontact and kedit and others that I can't remember 
their names right now.  Many of the crashes have happened during boot, so 
getting an accurate bug report was more difficult for me.  Many happened in 
succession, so I did not know the individual impace such crashes may have had.

As tired as I am having to reinstall and reconfigure, I think it will be 
necessary, the first thing being to get pci=nomsi in the boot sequence before 
anything else takes place.  I believe it will straighten out the multiple 
problems that happened relating to the video driver.

But before I do this, I hope someone will tell me just which BIOS I am using 
right now.  In one of the repair sequences that I performed, I was instructed 
to go back to default BIOS settings.  I don't know if that means the BIOS that 
was on my motherboard at installation of the components or if the default BIOS 
is the one I flashed from ASUS.  When I flashed my BIOS from to ASUS's current 
best solution for my board, everything got increasingly better in my 
computer's stability.  Additionally, when I updated my Video Card drivers to 
the 180... series, everything video got a great deal better.

The system has operated less stable since resetting the BIOS to default.  As 
far as the video card drivers, they are changed back and forth in varying ways 
since all the problems started appearing.  They have changed from 180 to 173 
to MBoard defaults and back again.  The only time things work properly even 
for a short period of time is with the 180... settings.

This is a set of problems I did not expect, and I am used to having to solve 
problems.  Oh Well!!!!!!  Thanks for the input.

> Good Luck,
> John Vifian
> --
> It's all right letting yourself go, as long as you can get yourself back.
> Mick Jagger

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