acer aspire one & Kubuntu

Lindsay Mathieson Lindsay.Mathieson at
Wed Apr 29 21:18:12 UTC 2009

On Thu, 30 Apr 2009 01:44:44 am GreyGeek wrote:
> Actually, yes, there is.   I've been using Linux for eleven years and
> most forums and email lists frown on top posting.  Even this one.

Well I've been using email lists and related for over 17 years and there are a 
*lot* more email lists out there than linux and a lot of them prefer top 

> The trouble is that I am lazy.  I usually know what's in the thread I am
> following so I don't need to re-read it.   So, I prefer top posting

I tend to agree, plus once the thread gets a bit long its a pain to scroll to 
the bottom of a message particularly when people don't trim.

> because it is easier to insert a comment at the top than to scroll or
> jump to the bottom and stick one in between the previous text and any
> footers which may have been added.  I usually delete the footers to
> eliminate clutter and continually bloating message sizes.


> But, I also abide by forum conventions and rules, so on this forum I
> don't top post.




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