Dolphin file name search syntax

marc gmane at
Wed Apr 29 14:57:52 UTC 2009

marc said:

> Arnaud bourree said:
>> 2009/4/28 marc <gmane at>
>>> I just tried a search via dolphin. Right-click folder/Open with/Search
>>> for files. Fine.
>>> But what is the syntax for file name searching?
>>> When I to search for, say, "agile" in a file title, I must put
>>> "*agile*". That works.
>>> But say I want to search for "agile software"?
>>> I've tried everything I can thing of, but no joy. It would help to
>>> know the syntax!
>>> Interestingly, "*agile*s*" will throw out all as you would expect, but
>>> add the o, "*agile*so*" and it finds nothing.
>>> I'vve tried regex - why can't it use regex? - but that doesn't work
>>> either.
>>> Worse to come: you can't sort the results.
>> I found the following in Help manual:
>> I install kdeutils with apt-get but I don't have any Regular Expresion
>> check box nor somethink like :-(
> Ouch! This is totally screwed up.
> So the find files dialogue simply doesn't work. Doesn't look like it's
> been test at all. How do people find files in their file manager?
> There's also a spelling mistake in the third tab.
> On top of that, kregexpeditor has been removed. I search the package
> repos.

Okay, minor progress. The right-click search is from Gnome's tools; it 
doesn't work there either. Nor krusader or other tools using the central 

To search with dolphin, you have to either open the tool from the top-
menu or via ctrl-f, in either case it doesn't use the location context, 
so you have to navigate twice <sigh>.

Still, there's something very broken in the search algorithms and it's 
failing trivially simple searches.


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