Dolphin file name search syntax

marc gmane at
Wed Apr 29 14:46:33 UTC 2009

Arnaud bourree said:

> 2009/4/28 marc <gmane at>
>> I just tried a search via dolphin. Right-click folder/Open with/Search
>> for files. Fine.
>> But what is the syntax for file name searching?
>> When I to search for, say, "agile" in a file title, I must put
>> "*agile*". That works.
>> But say I want to search for "agile software"?
>> I've tried everything I can thing of, but no joy. It would help to know
>> the syntax!
>> Interestingly, "*agile*s*" will throw out all as you would expect, but
>> add the o, "*agile*so*" and it finds nothing.
>> I'vve tried regex - why can't it use regex? - but that doesn't work
>> either.
>> Worse to come: you can't sort the results.
> I found the following in Help manual:
> Regular expression
>> If you have installed the KRegExpEditor tool from the kdeutils package,
>> you will have this additional option. Enabling it will allow you to
>> search for a regexp or regular expression. A regexp is a way to specify
>> conditions for your search, and they can be very complex, and equally
>> they can be very powerful. If you are unfamiliar with regular
>> expressions, you can choose Edit Regular Expression to open
>> KRegExpEditor. This tool allows you to construct your set of conditions
>> graphically, and then generates the expression for you.
>> KRegExpEditor is a very useful tool, and can be used from within many
>> KDE applications other than KFind. You can find more information from
>> within its own help file.
> I install kdeutils with apt-get but I don't have any Regular Expresion
> check box nor somethink like :-(

Ouch! This is totally screwed up.

So the find files dialogue simply doesn't work. Doesn't look like it's 
been test at all. How do people find files in their file manager? There's 
also a spelling mistake in the third tab.

On top of that, kregexpeditor has been removed. I search the package 


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