Mr Shunz mrshunz at
Sun Apr 26 10:56:27 UTC 2009

> Is it just me, or is Amarok2 a true POS, especially compared with the
> stable and useful 1.4? They layout is clumsy, the really useful
> features (I really liked that little popup remote player that as far
> as I can tell no longer exists), and the tools for connecting to my
> MTP device are just useless.
> I'm really very, very dissatisfied with the new Amarok. Just because
> you *can* do something doesn't mean you *should*.

just upgraded to jaunty yesterday, after five minutes of trying amarok2
ii wen back to amarok 1.4 :(

> On a similar note, I don't suppose anyone knows how to get my
> playlists imported from my old Amarok to the new one?

seems like you can't:


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