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On Sun, Apr 26, 2009 at 6:15 AM, Richard S. Crawford
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>>> On a similar note, I don't suppose anyone knows how to get my
>>> playlists imported from my old Amarok to the new one?
>> Well, obviously you didn't even try  *sigh*. Of course you can, there
>> is an import feature in the settings.
> Nope. This doesn't work. It doesn't even import my entire collection
> (only two tracks out of over 1,000), and doesn't import playlists at
> all. In all my Googling I have not found a single instance of this
> feature working at all for anyone.

Actually, apparently there was an issue with my collection.db file. I
cleaned that up a bit, and now all my tracks import correctly, but
there is still no sign of my playlists. Even an option to import a
local .m3u file would be nice. Is this another feature that I've not
found? And that works?

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