Konqueror Icon Glitch

Tony Sivori TonySivori at yahoo.com
Sat Apr 25 15:50:05 UTC 2009

Kubuntu 8.04, KDE 3.5.10.

I've got a curious Konqueror web browser icon glitch. A very small glitch,
really more of a curiosity than annoyance.

Except for Google search results, all the icons in the browser tabs and
the browser address bar are correct.

At the google.com search page, the icon is correct. But if I run any
google search, the search results page shows the red "ZD" icon that is
associated for ZD.net (Ziff Davis) web pages. The red ZD icon displays
both in the google search results address bar and the tab.

If I open any of the search results, the icon displayed is the appropriate
one for that particular page. So I get the correct icons everywhere except
the google search results page.

This persists after deleting cache, cookies, and history. I have
JavaScript disabled.

Tony Sivori
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